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Senior Seminar I, II in AY2021 (seminar for third-year undergraduate students)
  • In AY 2021, third-year students considered service strategy and supply chain strategy as their subjects of research.
  • In the spring semester, they learned about service strategy by reading a translated Japanese version of Uncommon Service.
  • In the fall semester, they considered autonomous driving services, health promotion services by local governments, and supply chain logistics as their research topics. They then wrote co-authored papers about each of the research topics.
    • Regarding the group projects, we received constructive advice from the following organizations: the general policy division, Eiheiji-cho, Fukui; the health promotion division, Ibaraki, Osaka; and Unicharm Corporation. The co-authored papers were submitted to them as the final research reports.
    • Additionally, students submitted their plan for improvement of the dental checkup rate in Ibaraki City to the health promotion division, Irabaki, Osaka.
    • We are very grateful to everyone who generously supported our learning and research activities.
  • In AY 2022, students are expected to write individual graduation theses based on what they learned in AY 2021.

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